We started this blog in early 2008 to follow our first pregnancy. After our son was prenatally diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), we turned to the blog to inform friends and family of Baby C's progress. There used to be 100s of posts, but it was overwhelming to sift through, so I've consolidated them into "Carter's Story," which you can read by clicking the link above.

April 7, 2010

Half-way to TWO! (or 18 months)

*There are lots of pictures at the end if you want to skip the boring stuff and get right to the cuteness*

April 7, 2010 ~ 18 months!
Hey Doodle Bug! There’s so much going on at this age that it’s hard to keep track of all the changing you’ve done. This is such a fabulous age because you are like a sponge as you learn new things every day and you are delighted with life. You spend much of the day playing, walking, running, giggling and teasing Lucy. Because you are such a busy body now, riding in the car is not as delightful as it used to be. You bore quickly with being tied into your car seat and even Yo Gabba Gabba doesn’t keep your attention for long in the car.

• You weigh 10.7 kilos (about 23.5 pounds)

• You have a puzzle with numbers 0-9 and you can put it together by yourself; you can also put together your shapes puzzle

• If I count 1-2-3, you will point to 3 separate objects (but you won’t say the words, you stinker!)

• You are eating REALLY well. Your current favs include: McDonald’s cheeseburgers, strawberries, apples, cheese grits, goldfish crackers (“fishies”), fruity cheerios (“cheeries”), rice chex cereal, green peas, lasagna, and watermelon. It’s such a wonderful sight to see the joy on your face when you see cheeries or fishies. You will even climb into your high chair when it’s time to eat and try to put the tray on it.

• You’re still not a big fan of sweets—cakes, candy, ice cream, etc.

• You are “helping” to put on your clothes, socks and shoes

• When we come into your room in the morning or after a nap, we find your clothes and socks all over the crib—you take them off when you wake up (all but your onesie—we’ve outsmarted you for now)

• If you see a flower (or a “stinky” sock) you’ll scrunch up your face and sniff it

• Your latest trick has been hiding things in your laundry basket. We’ll find balls, puzzle pieces, shoes, Lucy’s toys, etc. in there. Last week, while folding your laundry from the dryer something hard fell on the floor. I picked it up to discover that it was Daddy’s Bluetooth earpiece for his cell phone—OOPS! Apparently, you hid it in your laundry basket and I washed and dried it.
• You are walking, climbing, running, and dancing! Your next PT goal is jumping. The weather’s been warming up, so we’ve been able to get outside and play and you love being outside with the freedom to run all over the yard and play with Lucy. You throw a huge tantrum when we come inside and close the door. You’ll stand at the door, crying and pointing outside.

• Speaking of climbing—we had to put a tent on your crib to keep you from climbing/falling out. It’s a silly-looking contraption, but you love it. I think it reminds you of the isolette from the NICU and it seems cozy.

• You freeze in your tracks when one of three things come on TV: Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street Sing Yourself Silly and Diane Sawyer on ABC Nightly News (I can’t explain that one)

• The tantrum monster has moved into our house (as you'll see in one of the pictures), but I’ll take him over the reflux monster any day. It’s kinda funny when you can’t have your way and you have a little fit. Luckily, you aren’t throwing yourself on the floor yet and you get over it pretty quickly (especially when we just ignore you). I’ve had to work on my self-control because when Daddy tells you “no” you come running to me, whining “maaa maaa” and it’s so hard not to make it all better.

• You love to show people where their tummies are by pulling up their shirts and peeking underneath

• You play “where’d it go?” or “where’s Carter?” (peek-a-boo) with everyone and everything. You walk around the house with your eyes covered, giggling, and waiting for someone to say “where’s Carter?” and I can’t believe you haven’t bumped into a wall yet!  In one of the photos, you're playing "where's monkey" with monkey

• You blow kisses with a “mmmmuah” at the end

• Your currently say (and use appropriately):

1. mama

2. dada

3. bath

4. di (diaper)

5. ball

6. baabaa (bottle)

7. cheechee [said with lots of slobbering] (cheerios)

8. fichee (fishies/goldfish)

9. yaya (LaLa/Lucy)

10. book

• You currently sign (and use appropriately):

1. book

2. more

3. eat

4. baby (this one you taught yourself by looking at the flash card!)

5. all done

6. help

7. night-night


March 31, 2010

Showing off some tricks!

We've been pretty busy lately, but here are some new videos with C showing off some of his tricks.  He's at such a fun age right now and we've really been enjoying teaching him new things. 

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 1, 2010

Spray Bottle

We keep a spray bottle of water in C's room to "refresh" his curls after he sleeps.  He recently discovered how to use it...

January 30, 2010

what a difference a year makes!

365 days ago we brought C home from Duke! Here are some pictures from that day and a few new ones. He's come such a long way in just a year.

Little Dude:

As of today you are a week shy of 16 months old and we are celebrating your homecoming. One year ago, today, you came home from the hospital after 115 days at Duke. We shed a few tears that day for the friends we were leaving behind, the life we had become accustomed to, and for the sheer joy in finally being able to bring you home. From May 30th, 2008 (Diagnosis day) to January 30th, 2009, your future remained uncertain ~ we just didn’t know IF we’d ever bring you home. Your birthday is absolutely a special day, but this is a day to celebrate as well, because it’s the day that marks your success in kicking CDH booty!

I’ll never forget that day. Susannah was our nurse, we had roomed-in the night before with you, and when we found out you would be discharged a day early, we began running around like monkeys trying to get everything together. We were so excited to leave that we forgot to ask about your medicine and feeding schedule and had to call the unit from the car to find out when you were supposed to eat! We finally drove away from the front doors (and it was COLD that night!) around 7pm, not getting home until almost 10pm. Your Daddy couldn’t wait to put you in your crib for the first time, under your name, and I couldn’t wait for you to meet Lucy.

So, here we are. A year later, and what a fabulous year it has been. Here’s what you have been amazing & entertaining us with lately:

  • You weigh 22 lbs, 13 ounces (as of 1.20.10)
  • You have 15 teeth (you are currently “growing” 3 canines)

Thank you for continuing to be a delight. It seems that no matter what life throws at you, you just roll with the punches, which is one of the things we greatly admire about you.

We love you bunches!

Mommy, Daddy & Lucy ("lala")

November 10, 2009

Duke's CDH Page

Please check out Duke's brand new CDH page (and Carter's picture)! This has been a long time coming and we're so excited to have been a part of it. Visit it again in the coming days for more pictures of our CDH friends. I'll post a link to it in the right-hand column for easy access.